Swami Ramanand : IIT K Scholar

Swami Ramanand

A monk who didn’t care for Ferrari,chose the path of enlightenment instead distributing the essence of free education to one and all through his vast sea of knowledge

During his IIT K days he used to teach children of poor workers and villages nearby through Vivekanand Samiti Trust.He was someone with a super intelligent brain.Not just the computer science ,he was able to solve the problems from other engineering streams also in most simplest way.There used to be a long queue of PHD students outside his room waiting to see him and get their thesis solved and explained by him.

With 2nd All India Rank in JEE and his almost 10 CPI in BTech (he got only one “B” grade), he could have had anything that he wanted.

With three sisters ,he is the only son of his father .Everyone in his family including many of his batch mates begged him to further study aboard but this great personality remained adamant over his sheer desire to serve the humanity.
After his B-Tech and PHD some 25 years ago from now,Swami Ramanand which is what he is popularly known as ,currently teaches at the Ramkrishna Mission Vivekanand university at Belur Math located on the bank of Hoogly river, Belur ,West Bengal, the head Quater of the Ramkrishna Math and Mission.

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