Shitikant IIT JEE 2008 Topper



“Focus. Give every subject equal importance. Keep a basic but flexible schedule where you say that I will finish so much in so much time.”

Shitikant IIT Kanpur scholar (Computer Science), The 2008 IIT-JEE [433/476] topper from Bihar scored 91.4 per cent in his Class XII examination, says he followed a very flexible study schedule. After Class X, he studied up to 6 to 7 hours on his own every day after attending coaching classes. Shitikant says, he mostly studied on his own but would meet for group studies when he wanted to discuss a problem. While writing the exam he was sure he would make it. “And when I compared my answers with those of other aspirants, I became doubly sure,”.

After understanding the concepts, it is no big deal to get a good rank in IIT-JEE. “From the beginning I tried to grasp the concepts and was successful in that attempt”, said Shitikant.

He did not burn the midnight oil while preparing for the exam. “There’s no use of slogging away for 17-18 hrs without the right methodology,” he said and in response to a query said that he never studied for even 7-8 hours in the run-up to the exams.

According to Shitikant Keeping these limitations in mind, if you still ask me for advice, this is what I have to offer.

      Setting your priorities straight
      Creating a master plan
      Advice on textbooks, coaching etc.
      Focus on concepts and generic problem solving techniques
      Learning with your friends
      Revision and taking the exam
      Looking at things in perspective – WHAT NEXT?

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