Sahal Kaushik : IIT Kanpur Scholar

sahal kaushik

sahal kaushikSahal Kaushik, who ranked at 33rd at all-India level in the IIT JEE 2010 exam, appeared as the Delhi section topper scholar in the entrance examination under the guidence of Mr. Uday Pratap singh (B.Tech-IIT D) from Narayana institute Dwarka New Delhi.

Mr. UP Singh said “This boy doesn’t need a pen and paper. He solved JEE orally before selecting the answers. He speaks less, thinks more,”

His lanky figure may find it difficult to push a tennis ball across but replace the racket with a pen and throw in some complex algebra and 14-year-old Sahal Kaushik, the youngest entrant into IIT-Kanpur’s prestigious five-year integrated MSc (Physics) course, is instantly at ease. At the centre of the institute’s mammoth collection of books inside the library, the shy figure appears even more at home.

Interestingly, Sahal scored only a modest 78 per cent in physics, chemistry and math in his Class XII board exams which brought as much happiness to the Kaushik family as his IIT JEE achievement.

“Some (children) have to strive harder than then he (Sahal) did,” Ruchi says in response to whether homeschooling is better than traditional classroom education. “We must appreciate those children as well,” she says.

“There is, however, no problem in staying in the hostel as everybody is ready to cooperate with Sahal but considering his age we have allowed him to be a day-scholar,” Kasalkar said.

“There is no age limit for admission into undergraduate courses. A student has to be intermediate pass only,” Kasalkar said, adding Sahal is the youngest student to take admission in the IIT this year.

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