Raghu Mahajan IIT JEE 2006 topper


Raghu Mahajan

” The Biggest General Advice is NCERT textbooks are very, very important. There is a tendency to ignore these textbooks, but please take them seriously”

Raghu Mahajan (IIT Delhi), His achievement is also the first of its kind as he has not only topped the IIT entrance examination (508/540) but has also topped the All-India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) in year 2006. He did Computer Science from IIT Delhi and BS in physics from MIT, Cambridge.

According to his father Dr Sunil Mahajan, ‘‘Raghu has always been exceptionally good at his studies. Even from a young age he was very sharp. We never had to tell him to study or push him.’’

According to his mother, Raghu is of a very reserved nature and cricket is his weakness. ‘‘He has always been an achiever and that is the reason for his success. He would never stress himself with late night studying. He studied for about eight hours a day.’’

It may be mentioned here that Raghu has also securing 94.2 per cent in XIIth. He also has the distinction of ranking first in the region and second in India by securing 96.8 per cent in the Class X ICSE boards in 2004.

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