Chitraang Murdia : IIT Bombay Scholar

chitraang murdia

“I would prefer that (research) over a corporate job. I want to work for the poor and downtrodden class after becoming an engineer”

Chitraang Murdia topper of IIT JEE (Advanced) exams by scoring 334 out of 360 marks from Rajasthan likes research works, instead of the typical trend of IITians going for higher-paid lucrative jobs.

Son of an alumni of IIT Delhi, Chitraang, a student of DPS, Udaipur used to invest some 13 to 14 hours to study everyday. His quest for knowledge was not limited to syllabus books as he says, “I did not limit myself to syllabus; I read NCERT books and studied foreign authors as well. My main aim was to gain knowledge and use that extra knowledge to qualify.” Chitraang is always believed to be well organised when it comes to studies, finishing up assignments on time. He spent most of his leisure time reading, particularly during the six hour journey that he had to travel to go and come back from his coaching classes in Kota from Udaipur.

“Dedication, honesty and focus are more important than coaching. The key to success in IIT is to always keep your motivation high. I tried to maintain continuity in my studies. It is important to keep your inner strength in face of momentary setbacks”

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